Will the “green solar carport” at your fingertips be a new tipping point in solar power market?

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The application of the solar energy can be found everywhere. There is a special low-carbon landscape -“green solar carport” in Jiaxing Haining’s TDG economic development zone. This is China’s first use of BIPV (Building Integrated PV) carport which has the alternating current module system. This is also a highlight in BIPV application sector. This project takes advantage of the new-built parking lot in the factory. The parking lot covers an area of 3143 square meters and can accommodate 124 parking spaces and the circular arc spans 17 meters. Its scale and architectural aesthetics are very rare among domestic solar carports

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You can see over 1700 beautiful polycrystalline silicon solar modules, which are offered by TDG holding co., ltd., on the top of the carport when you take a close look at this BIPV green carport. It can not only protect the carport against the sun and rain, but also provide the green power whose annual electricity production is about 0.38 million KW.h

For the whole factory. The project uses micro invert-er creatively and its installed capacity reaches up to 504.5 KW. The carport skeleton mainly

uses the “structural low-alloy steel”. The modules on the carport top

are fixed by means of the mountings and pressing blocks. The electric

energy conversion efficiency of the whole system can reach up to 82%.


You can also find a green solar carport in Hangzhou!

There is a “green solar charging carport for electric vehicles”, located in economic and technological development zone (Xiasha) in Hangzhou. It uses Hangzhou Ample Sun’s membrane solar module. This kind of module, which you can customize colors for it and can penetrate the light, is very suitable to be applied to buildings because of its beautiful appearance.52 waterproof sockets are installed on the cross beam, which is 30 cm in height from the ground, inside the carport to recharge the electric bicycles. The installed capacity of the project is 7.5 KW and its average power generation can reach up to 9130 KW.h. per annul.

The total installed capacity of a solar carport covering an area of 720 m2 is 100 KW. It uses the BIPV carport installation system from Hangzhou Versol Solar. And it is a perfect combination of the solar technology and the carport building itself. The easy structure and creative plug-in aluminum rail installation mode make it more convenient. You can even move it and recycle it, which greatly shows the high flexibility.

With an increasing demand for all kinds of power and people’s increasing environmental consciousness, the solar power becomes more and more common in our daily life. The green solar carport can be constructed in accordance with local conditions and its appearance is very gorgeous. It not only makes the most of the sun’s energy to form power supply, but also can combine closely with the use of electric vehicles. It becomes more and more popular among the enterprises and institutions, commercial organizations and customers.

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