Wholesale carport

We offer wholesale carport services in large quantities. Our China-based factory can produce more than 20 aluminum alloy carports every day. So we are be able to meet the demand for the use of carports in large quantities. know more about carportbuy.

The advantages of our Wholesale carport 

Function 1: elegant appearance

The beautiful ivory and the solemn brown which the carport skeleton uses. also the elegant arc perfectly match your beloved car.

Function 2: anti-ultraviolet rays

Poly-carbonate panel can effectively block ultraviolet rays in the sun in hot summers, keeping your beloved car bright and shiny as before forever. At the same time, it can protect the tires of your car from aging too early. Because of the erosion of the rain and the exposure to wind and sun so that the driving safety will be ensured.

Function 2:  heat insulation and dust resistance

Poly-carbonate panel can not only block the heat radiation in the sun, preventing the high temperature in the car, but also protect your car against the industrial dust in the air. The fallen leaves and the bird droppings, which can take good care of your car.

Function 4: Good access

The pillar and rear cable-stayed carport make effective use of the precious space, making you master and park your car easily and freely.

Function 5: sound and noise insulation

The vibration of the solid poly-carbonate panel in circular arc will be blocked by the rubber strips lying between holding strips when it rains. which will make you hear nothing when it rains and bring you a good sleep and resting environment for your family and you.

Function 6: self-cleaning

The poly-carbonate panel that this carport uses contains photocatalyst. The photocatalyst itself has the ability to make use of natural light and rain to self-clean dust, keeping the top of the carport clean and bright.

Wholesale carport process price 

Ours wholesale carport price based on the QTY of your order. but we can promise that ours price is good. since our factory located in China.

Wholesale carport process

1 Choose the styles you want to inquire.

Wholesale carport
Wholesale carport style 1, this style is clean and simple, but very easy to install and shipping.


Wholesale carport 2 cars carport
Wholesale carport style 2, this style is for 2 cars. also very popular.

2  Submit this online form. our sales will get in touch with you very soon.

Wholesale carports