USA customs damaged my Carport!

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I got a bad news from one of my customers, one of our double car carport got damaged by USA customs.

Lucky, just two or three top pad got damaged, we just need to resend them,

After we done some research, We find the killer is the forklift.

So we have upgraded our packing materials and packing skill.

1 We don’t bundle all the carport complements together anymore, cause if the single packages is too heavy, then it’s easily got damaged by the forklift.

2 We put foam plastic in the middle, then using 2 layers of cardboard. , I believe this time, should be no damage anymore.


one more word,  We know during two countries has long distance, but we don’t let our clients take the risk, and we gonna keep improving our service . We cover any damaged carport and resend it for free. And We will make sure this will never happen again.



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