Single car carport for sale


This is a single carport, whose appearance is elegant. Very practical and easy to install.

Protect your beloved car against sunshine, snowstorm, high temperature and objects falling from high altitudes. Details

It can not only be used as a carport, but also for other purposes, such as a bulletin board, a rain shelter greenhouse and an extension to the house.

This one is our best-selling type, whose frame has four different colors for you to choose. The top of the carport is translucent PC boards.

Established Size: 5.373*3*2.2M  or 211.53*118*86 inch
Package Box size: 6*0.6*0.6M
Weight: 120KG
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Product Description

A、Aluminum Frame and surface:

  • The frame adopts high quality and strong 6063-T5 aluminum alloy,
  • The surface has been processed by special technology which has high capacity in corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, non-fading, time-invariant, durable for more than 30 years.

B、Solid poly-carbonate sheets:(100% Bayer Raw material imported from Germany)

  • Light transmittance: The light transmittance rate can reach more than 88% and it will not be easy to fade, atomized under sun exposure and block light because of rainy or snowy weather.
  • UV resistance ability: It can effectively shelter more than 98% UV rays which protects the car from UV damages.
  • Impact Resistance: The impact strength of poly carbonate board is 300 times as common glass, is 20-30 times as acrylic sheets and 2 times as toughened glass. It is almost no fracture risk. So it enjoys the reputation of “safety glass”and “ring steel”.
  • Inflaming resistance: When it burns, no fire drop and toxic gas. It meets National Inflaming Resistance GB8624-97 Standard which accidental fire cause damage on cars.
  • Weather ability: It can keep all the physical index stability from -40 degree to +120 degree , it will not cause deformation or quality reduction.
  • Lightness&Rigidness: It is light, only half weight as the glass, so it is easy for handling, drilling ,cutting and installing.
  • Sound insulation: It is the first choice material to be used in highway noise barriers in the world.
  • High snow pressure resistance:It can withstand 35cm thick snow.
  • High wind pressure resistance: It can stand the wind speed of 38m/s.


  • High strong 6063-T5 aluminum alloy with its unique human-oriented design.
  • It can prevent the accumulated water on the roof from smearing cars below.
  • The design makes it easy to be cleaned, unique downside lid allows people to conveniently clean leaves and other dirt in the pipe.


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When will you deliver goods? How long will it take to get to my home?

Our delivery time is usually 3-5 days. The time of sea transportation differs according to your country.

It will usually take 15-20 days from Shanghai to America.

In addition, it will probably take 6-10 days to get to your home by truck.

So you will get your products within 25-35 days after you place the order.

What if the carport kit had arrived, but missing some parts?

  1. Firstly, we have made carport kits for many years and have rich experience. There is little possibility to lose kit parts. We will check the kit listing carefully before delivering it.
  2. If the some of carport kit part is missing unfortunately, we will send it to you by plane as quick as possible.
  3. If the missing kit parts can be bought at local shop, we will bear all the charges.

I find the products which look like your carports are cheaper than yours. Why?

There are indeed some carport kit whose appearances are similar to our carports in the market because the shape can be easily imitated. But the details are different.

1 The quality of aluminum alloy is different.

We have an article to tell you how to distinguish the quality of aluminum alloy.

Now I will give you an example: look at the picture below, you will find that the structure of our aluminum alloy frame is more complicated and thicker, which makes our cost higher. But we can assure you that our carport can be used for at least 30 years and are strong enough.

carport frame

2 The covering membrane is different.

The PC plate we use is from German Bayer.

3 The design details are need to see it carefully.