Luxury Patio cover deck cover for sale made by Aluminum alloy and PC board Metal Patio cover kit

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Patio cover or Patio canopy, Patio awning, Call it whatever you want.
Our Luxury aluminum alloy and PC board made patio cover solved your problem completely !
This Patio cover is translucent, hot proven, Freestanding ,self-clean! making your life seamless.
Carportbuy proudly worked with some famous brands in the world such as Samsung, Borgwarner, Hitachi.
We understand the patio is the place you share your precious time with your family and friends , we designed our Patio cover carefully . it’s strong and elegant.
Send us a email today to get a patio cover, and finish setup in few hours.
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Product Description

It is so amazing to own an open patio. You can enjoy the afternoon tea with your family and friends, and chat with them at ease.

All you need is a patio cover

It is so great for you to use our products to DIY a patio. It is very easy to operate and it has an outstanding effect.

We have carefully studied the functions that a qualified covered patio needs to have.

1 First, you need some posts rather than the walls.

And you need a space where there is a cold wind because it will make you feel comfortable.

The appearance of our powerful aluminum alloy post is very elegant.

2 You can enjoy the sunbath.

It is so great for you to enjoy the sunbath at home, which is also good for your health. Research confirms that being exposed to the sun all the time will augment people’s absorption of calcium and it is also helpful to children and the elderly.

But keeping being exposed to the sun directly will hurt by the UV rays. Luckily, our PC board can protect against the UV rays and filter part of the ray which is harmful to human body.

The point is that the brightness of our PC is adjustable. You can select your brightness according to your preference.

3 Long-term lifespan

I think you don’t want to invest in building a new one every few years. Instead, you want it to be used for such a long time just like your house.

Our patio has a long lifespan of over 30 years.

We can customize your patio cover according to the size of your patio. It is easy to install without any trouble and breakdown.

Let’s start to get it customized!



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When will you deliver goods? How long will it take to get to my home?

Our lead time is usually 3-5 days. The time of sea transportation differs according to your country.

It will usually take 15-20 days from Shanghai to North America. 20-25 days from shanghai to Europe.

In addition, it will probably take 6-10 days to get to your home by truck.

So you will get your products within 25-35 days after you place the order.

Your price included custom duty?

No, Our price doesn’t include customs duty, You may need to pay 5%-10% customs duty.

What if the carport kit had arrived, but missing some parts?

  1. Firstly, we have made carport kits for many years and have rich experience. There is a little possibility to lose kit parts. We will check the kit listing carefully before delivering it.
  2. If the some of carport kit part is missing, unfortunately, we will send it to you as quick as possible.
  3. If the missing kit parts can be bought at the local shop, we will bear all the charges.

I find the products which look like your carports are cheaper than yours. Why?

There are indeed some carport kit whose appearances are similar to our carports in the market because the shape can be easily imitated. But the details are different.

1 The quality of aluminum alloy is different.

We have an article to tell you how to distinguish the quality of aluminum alloy.

2 The covering membrane is different.

The PC plate we use is from German Bayer.

3 The design details are need to see it carefully.

For more info please refer:
Why are our carports so sturdy on earth?
A damaged carport story
Important carport parts materials comparison

So our product are actually not same with others.