Safety precautions against the installation of carports kit

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Today, Carportbuy will explain the installation tools, the installation and operating process of carports kit to everybody.

1 There must be protection devices in front of elevators, stairs, reserved openings and passageway of the construction-in-progress.

2 The erection of wires, circuits must conform to the regulations of local Electricity Power Bureau. The electric equipment should be all earthing and neutral earthing.

3 The material of the scaffold and its erection must conform to the requirements of the procedure.

4 The protection devices of the mechanical equipment must be complete and effective.

5 Hoisting equipment such as tower cranes etc. must have caging devices. They are not allowed to work with failure or be overloaded with work or go through maintenance during operation.

6 Use the safety helmet,safety belt, safety net according to the rules.

7 All kinds of wind cable ropes and their equipment must conform to the requirements of the procedure.

8 You are not allowed to wear high-heeled shoes, slippers or go barefoot to enter construction site. You are not allowed to wear slippery shoes or boots with hard soles and spikes when working aloft.

9 Motor machines and electric hand-held tools should have earth leakage protection devices.

10 Dangerous areas like cliffs, steep slopes etc. on the construction site should have warning signs. Warning lights should be set at night.

The ten items above are the basic requirements for the safety installation of carports. Each of them is indispensable.

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