How to move an installed carport?

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For some reasons, some of our clients need to move their installed carport to another place. I would say it’s very possible. yes our carport is a permanent building.  but doesn’t mean you can’t move it. know let’s see how to move it.

First you need to remove the carport top. This step is usually very easy. The whole carport top can be moved. And then only the posts remain.

Following schemes are for you to move the posts.

1,After removing part of the concrete, you should move the posts along with the concrete.

It sounds crazy, isn’t it? In fact, it isn’t so.

The density of the concrete is 2500KG/ cubic meter so one post with the concrete should weight 540KG (0.6*0.6*0.6*2500). Therefore, you should move them to a new position and reinstall them after removing part of the concrete with an electric pick. it’s a tough job though.

Please note that don’t hurt the posts

2 Cut off part of the post and reinstall it.

This kind of way will be easier. Cut off part of the post at the same height. But your carport will lose a height of 60 cm. If you are sure that your carport will be moved in the future, we suggest you should tell us when buying so that you can increase the length of the posts.

3 Buy another pair of posts.

Posts are not the most expensive part, you can spend more money on buying additional posts so that you can reinstall them more easily.

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