Metal garage kit for sale

We sell advanced metal garages kit.

Metal carports are becoming more and more popular because they can be installed quickly. And the cost of building a carport is cheaper than a garage. It can satisfy many families’ demands for car parking at daily life.

The frame of our metal garage is made of advanced aluminum alloy while the roof consists of superb PC boards. The design of the carport is very trendy and it is very easy to install. It is becoming more and more popular in the market.

Compared to products in other companies, the lifespan of our carport is much longer because our material is more advanced. The key point is that our metal garage, as a mature product, is designed to prevent against sunshade, torrential rain and blizzard. It has excellent drainage function and even self-cleaning function. It is easier to maintain a carport than your house.

Before placing an order, you should consider your housing situation first. You can choose our standard product or just customize one.
If you decide to customize a garage, we will send a garage kit to you. You need to assemble it by yourself.
Fortunately, our garage kit is very easy to install and we have perfect installation instructions.
If you are very good at this kind of work, you can finish it on your own. You can find at least two helpers to help you. It only takes 2 days to finish installation, which is far less than the time of building a traditional iron carport or other companies’ products.

And complicated tools (such as electric welder) are not required during our installation. Using our products will greatly save your precious time.

If you still feel annoyed, you can directly ask the local installation company for help because our garage is easy to install and costs you a little just as what I have said.

Our factory is located in Shanghai, China. We will send the products to your home by ship or truck. It will only take 1 month to finish the whole procedure. Know about us.