Important notes for carport installation

You need to prepare those tools :

  • Tools for digging holes (You should make a 60cm*60cm*60cm hole to install the post. )
  • ø 35mm Drill (drill holes for water pipe.)
  • Electric screws drill (used to tighten screws rather than drill holes)
  • Concrete (used to fasten posts. There has a steel bar at the bottom of the post.)
  • Level
  • Ruler
  • Ladder
  • Wretch
  • Some concrete.
  • Waterproof glue (you can easily get it from a local shop)


Important Notes:

1 The post and the steel camber beam should be corresponding to each other.  We have the codes of NO .1 and NO.2.

2 We have drill holes on all the components in advance so you don’t need to do that again. What you should do is to tighten the screw (If you find out that you need to drill holes, maybe you have done something wrong with the position of the components.).

3 The distance between two side posts is adjustable but we suggest that the biggest distance between the centers of two posts should be no more than 3.5 m.(we say this because our connecter between Posts and roof is you can decide the distance by yourself. check this picture.  it’s good for you to find a good location dig a hole.)

4  More importantly, make sure that each post is vertical and aligned with each other. And the height of which each post reaches out of the ground should be the same.(The post close to the down-pipe can be installed one centimeter lower in order to make sure that the rainwater can flow more quickly. )

5 After finishing installing the plastic parts on the two ends, you should use the sealant to seal the crack between the plastic and the metal first to ensure the rainwater will only flow from the down-pipe.

6  PC boards may expand with heat and contract with cold in some extremely hot areas and becomes too large, then you can use the fret saw to saw the reminder. (They could only be too large rather that too small.)

cutting carport roof

7  The side with white membrane should face upwards while the side with transparent membrane should face downwards. Please remove the membranes from the surface of the PC board after finish the installation.