The functions of the covered patio

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Function 1 :the covered patio can protect again the wind and rain. It is a best place to hang your washing up. You can install an airer under it to hang clothes up. Even though there is rain suddenly, it still doesn’t matter that you are out because the covered patio can protect against the wind and rain.

Function 2 :the UV rays in the sun will do serious damage to floors, walls and curtains, etc. If you have installed a covered patio, the canopy can cut off and absorb UV rays, preventing the interior decoration from degradation and fading.

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Function 3: the covered patio has a wide range of uses. It can protect against not only the wind and rain, but also the sun. Its canopy can play the role of protecting against the sun, blocking the torrid summer sunshine, controlling a rise in indoor temperature so the effect of the air conditioner can be greatly improved and the energy can be conserved.

Function 4: the covered patio create an outdoor space that can protect against the wind and rain. You can do some DIY jobs which are hard to do indoors. It is also the most suitable place where you can maintain the jobs which will take up too much room, such as fishing rods, golf gear, etc.

Function 5: you can enjoy the cool in summer and bask in the sun in winter. Under the care of the covered patio, you can have fun with your beloved pets. It can be used as a place where children can play. It will make our life colorful.

Function 6: if natural preservative woodworking is used to match the covered patio, the covered patio will form a little outdoor living room which can give you an utterly open sensation. You can put a dining table, chairs and greenery in it. Then the whole family can gather happily in the party, enjoying the quality time.

Function 7: it is a good place where you can feel the fun of the family-type garden or vegetable patch. You can plant some seasonal flowers and plants and edible vegetables, enjoying the sight of flowers and plants, watching bees and butterflies fluttering around. What fun!

Function 8: make a cup of tea for yourself in the warm winter sunshine and taste the life with the scent of tea.

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