How to design a metal carport

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Carports are the most common shed-type buildings in modern urban life. Features like simplicity, flexibility and wide applicability, etc. deeply impress a large amount of car owners. However, it is still necessary for us to know about the key design points.


Draw the design drawing on the computer according to the actual measurement data.

During the process of designing drawing, you should identify the size of the building plane, the actual rendering of the design, the clearance mass and the coordinates of every point, etc.

The actual design difficulties lie in the applied position of the load. Whether to put the stress on the board or the aluminum alloy profile should be identified by scientific calculations.



Design the surface in an initial form

The board material itself is a kind of macromolecular structure, which can’t produce shear force or stiffness by means of its own characteristic like steel products.

So how to place the aluminum alloy profile and the post so that it can form the initial surface to install PC board material.

Here we need to point out that the sizes and shapes of boards don’t form immediately, needing to meet the balance of tension at a certain condition. And then we need to carry out the load analysis and the formation of shear force based on that.


Calculate the stability of aluminum alloy profiles

After having the surface diagram in an initial form, we should calculate the rough load that the carport needs to bear according to the area of the carport.

Under normal weather conditions,PC boards almost bear all the loads.

When there is deformation, the tension will increase. For example, rain, snow and wind will all make the materials of boards change, leading to the tension transferring to the frame and posts.

So we need to calculate the stress of the aluminum alloy frame under drastic weather so that we can decide on the type and the thickness of the aluminum alloy we will use.



Choose materials

After deciding to use the aluminum alloy skeleton and PC board, you can choose a suitable PC board according to the stress.

The determinant of choosing PC boards is the thickness, the thickness and shape of profiles and the appearance (color), etc.



Clip boards

It means you should change the 3D surface shape in computer design software into plan shape,identifying the position of the clipping line and staring point, and use the cutting machine to clip it precisely. In fact, the product that is formed finally is the carport kit.


The last thing we should do is the construction, which belongs to another category. And it has many precautions.


After completing the construction, the tension should be moderate and conform to the requirements of the design drawing. Even though the board is damaged because of the outbreak of abnormal condition, the aluminum alloy remains stable. Then it can be called a qualified design.

From measurement date to construction, there are only few simple procedures for the design of the carport. Although there are only few simple procedures, people should still keep a principle in your mind: you should seek professional carport producers because your carport requires a long lifespan of up to several decades like your house.

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