A damaged carport story

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Several years ago, there happened a thing. One of home owner found us and wanted to buy a carport, so our sales made him an offer and design according to his requirements.

But the thing is, he thought our price was too high and then chose another company who could provide a lower price after checking our scheme and offer.

But the tragedy happened. The carport collapsed due to the windy weather just a few days after he finished installation.

Luckily, there were no casualties because the customer’s villa was still under construction. And no cars were hit as well.

Please observe the carport on the picture carefully, you will find that their frame is very cheap and rough. Although their carport is made of aluminum alloy as well, it stands no comparison with ours. And the aluminum alloy frame should be to blame for this accident. Once there is windy weather, there will be something wrong with the carports. 

Do you still remember the comparisons we made before You can hardly tell the difference from the appearance, but if you observe them carefully, you can easily find out the differences.

You can image how angry the customer was. In fact, however, our offer was just a little higher than that of the company.

 If you want to know how to distinguish the quality of the aluminum alloy, please click on this link:

How to distinguish the quality of the aluminum alloy frame of the carport

If you want to know why our carports are so sturdy, please look here: 

Why are our carports so sturdy on earth?

And another thing we have to say is that:

We made patio cover as well, while the patio cover is mainly used for people. So you should understand that safety is the most important thing before building a patio cover! You must treat your patio cover seriously and use the best materials because it is not only one part of your house, but also your life.

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