Compare Aluminum alloy Carports with Steel Carports and Canvas Carports

Aluminium Carports
Iron and Steel Carports
Canvas Carports
Lightweight. High strength. Rust-free. Scalability. Easy to model and style.  Easy to color.
Impermanence. Poor security
In higher temperatures, canvas becomes soft very easily.  Flammable. Resistance to aging is poor.
Lifespan: 30-50 years
Lifespan: 15-20 years
Lifespan: 3-6 years
Can be assembled directly on site, with low maintenance costs
Pre-assembled steel structure, on-site welding; high labor cost;  maintenance cost is high
Initial low cost. Rain-soaked cloth prone to linear breaks; replacement of rain shed cloth is a hassle and adds to cost.
The canopy transmits 98% of light
Transparency is only 10% -20%
No light
Cleaning / Maintenance
Rain automatically cleans away dust.  Anti-rust and anti-scaling, to reduce acid rain impact.  After a rain shower, canopy immediately looks as good as new. .
Difficult to clean dust; not naturally self-cleaning; no anti-rust or anti-scaling properties.
Need to remove canvas canopy for cleaning;  tricky, time-consuming and labor intensive.
Compared with the traditional carport, this offers a contemporary feel, strong structure, unique shapes, for stylish and elegant appearance.   The overall appearance offers a chic, smooth aesthetic.
Traditional carport style; simple structures and limited style options.
A single design; cheap, perishable materials; not secure against storms and fires. Compression capacity is poor.