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Samsung is a large group from Korea. It is also a famous company worldwide. one of Samsung’s headquarter park in China needs to provide a set of bike carport for their staff to use, so Samsung Group’s relevantofficer contacts us. After comparing several aluminum alloy carport providers,they chose us at last.

We are very honored that our carports can be adopted by the Samsung Group. Being approved by such a large company like Samsung is very important to our career. This also proves that our carports’manufacturing process and quality are perfect.

The bike shelter that are customized for Samsung Group include some boundary walls so that they can protect against the wind in winter and the sun in summer.


Borgwarner is world’s top leading auto parts producer.

Borgwarner’s manufacturing base, which is located in China’s Zhejiang province, needs to provide a large amount of carports for their employees to use. Our company succeeds in getting this project!

We have investigated their industry park and found that their parking spaces were very scattered so we provided a scattered carport plan.

We spread a large amount of double-carports in your industry park so that they can use them very easily and the employees can find a spare parking space at any time. They are very pleased with our plan!


Hitachi is a leading brand in Japan. As a Japanese enterprise, they are very strict with the quality!

And they will take carports’ beauty into consideration. At first we show little confidence in getting this project, but we have tried our best to bid.

The conceptual design we provide is a car roof without radian which looks as neat as the picture shows.

This bike shelter is located on the side of their headquarter building.

We defeated a lot of competitors to get this project.

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Angola industry park

Good news! Our carport has been adopted by a company in Angola! Do you believe it?

Angola is an African country, which has a large cooperative project called ‘the Chinese industry park’ with the Chinese Government.

The sun in Angola is blazing hot, which will seriously damage the spray paint on the surface of the cars and reduce the lifespan of the cars.

Although Angola is far from Chinese, it doesn’t matter. We will transport our carport kit to Angola by ship and our engineers will assemble the carport quickly. It only takes 3 days to finish the whole project! Do you believe it! This is our direct-pull carport and many bikes can be parked side by side under it.

This proves that our carports can be installed on every position in the world.

large carport projects


MG is a British car brand and is bought by a Chinese company later. Its factory is located in Nanjing, China.

This carport is built on the roads in MG’s factory. A large number of workers in MG cycle to work and home while MG has no specific carport before.

Our suggestion is that two rows of carports can be added on both sides of the broad roads in the factory, which will not affect the traffic and perfectly solves the problems of that the vehicles can’t be parked as well.

This is a pretty big project just as you have seen from the picture. MG is very satisfied with both our engineering quality and our speed.