How to choose installation position of carports

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Make sure that the placement of the carport can’t be ignored when we are building a carport.

If the carport is placed reasonably, it will be not only more convenient for people to park cars, but also good for overall environmental coordination.

So when building a carport, we should carry out a series of references to ensure the reasonable placement.

1 Consider the convenience when driving in and out of the carport


If you want to improve the efficiency of parking and driving cars which you have to repeat every day.

You can choose a location where both sides of the carport are open so that you can drive your car into the carport quickly. And when using the car, you don’t need to reverse it. What you should do is to hit the gas pedal and leave the carport directly.

2 Put one side of the carport against the wall.

After all, not all families have a big courtyard. You can install the post of the carport against the wall in order to save space, which will make the carport look like one part of the house. You can choose the color of our carports’ aluminum alloy posts to make it match the color of your house.

3 Make the carport become an extension to your gate.

Image that when there is heavy rain or hot sun outside, you must want to get into the car quickly rather than expose yourself. When the carport becomes the extension of your gate, you can form a ‘No-slot Joint’ with the outside world.

In a word, the location of the carport requires considering your situation in a comprehensive way.

on more thing,

Keep away from big trees
If possible, don’t install the carport under the shade. Although our carport is not afraid of dust, it can’t clean up automatically if leaves and bird droppings fall on the top of the carport. Maybe you need to increase the times of cleaning.
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