America launches the first moveable solar carport system.

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The Clean Energy Ministreal which consists of governmental agencies of 23 countries like America announced that as of the end of 2014, a total of 0.66 million pure EVs have been sold worldwide. American accounts for 39 % of the share out of the total supplies, followed by Japan (16%) and China (12%)
American, whose EV supply takes the lead, has launched the world’s first movable solar carport system. Google has started to use it.
EV doesn’t need to use gasoline. As a new generation of environment-friendly car, it doesn’t discharge carbon dioxide when you are driving. Governmental agencies push ahead with its popularization and expansion. Even though EV has been popularized, but if the power is produced by which the thermal power station makes use of fossil fuels like coal and oil to generate power, it doesn’t totally belong to ‘CO2  zero emission’ although it is clean when being driven. Because thermal power will discharge a large amount of CO2  and accelerate the globe worming.
In order to solve these problems, Envision Solar Corporation whose base is in San Diego, California develops the world’s first ‘moveable solar carport system’. Its name is “EVARC(Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Charger)(Fig.1).
America launches the first moveable solar carport system
The EVARC is 4.88 m in length, 2.74 in width. It can be put properly in the parking space where a car can be parked originally. This dependent solar carport is equipped with solar cell of 2.5 Kw or 3.3 Kw. Its annual power generation is 3800~7000kWh. The reason why it can realize such a large amount of power generation is that the company has specific tracing system. Moreover, the system is equipped with the battery of 21.6kWh.
The EVARC consists of one quick charger and two common chargers. A typical EV can be fully charged during your meal, meeting or shopping. If the EV is small-sized and suitable to be driven in the downtown area, many EVs can be charged at the same time and each EV’s electricity can reach to around 25%.
When you use previous charging pile which is connected to the electric power system to charge the EV, its power source contains a high percentage of thermal power by using fossil fuels. But if you use EVARC to charge the EV, the energy it uses is 100% renewable energy. It is clean and discharges zero CO2 .
Finish setting up the charging pile within 5 minutes
‘In the past, it took a long time to set up the charging pile without exception. The construction was harder than I had expected because you needed to apply for the examination and approval first, make sure the space you set, lay the foundation by civil construction, lay cables, update switching devices,transformers and the circuit and so on when the power supply equipment was imported in the place where you set up the charging pile. Besides these electricity-related jobs, you needed to carry out the environmental impact assessment, etc.  There was plenty of work to be done.’ said the company’s CEO Desmond Wheatley, ‘these are also major obstacles to setting up charging piles smoothly.’
Wheatley added,’ if you use Envision Solar’s EVARC, you will not be affected by those kinds of stuff. You don’t need to carry out the civil construction such as laying the foundation and cables, etc. You don’t need to update the transformer and switching device as well. Moreover, the size of a ARC is the same as a parking space so setting up the charging pile will not reduce the precious parking spaces.’
EVARC can be shipped to the destination by the ARC Mobility, which is equipped with hydraulic press control function and similar to the trailer that can tow boats. It is set up in the designated parking lot. No other special tools are required. After it is shipped to the parking lot, it only takes 5 minutes to finish setting up the charging piles.(Fig 2)
America launches the first moveable solar carport system1
Fig2: a moving EVAR towed by a ARC Mobility ( A tow truck) (photographed by Envision Solar)
The paradigm shift of EV charging piles
It has other advantages if the charging pile doesn’t need to connect to the electric power system. Wheatley said that many clients (including enterprises and governmental agencies) don’t know about the professional knowledge and the perfect location when setting up the charging piles. The main reason is that the EV market has not yet ripe and few data has been accumulated about places requiring high demands for chargers.
If you have invested a large amount of money in setting up charging piles, but you don’t use them even one time. Previous charging piles (which are connected to the electric power system and built on the earth) can’t be moved to other places easily, but EVARC can be moved within several minutes. In addition, when your company needs to relocate or whatever, the EVARC can be moved to the new place easily as well. (Fig 3)
Nowadays, Envision Solar and Charge Across Town are collecting the data about the charging service condition of EVs in public areas in San Francisco. The collected data items include as follows: how many EVs will be charged in one charging station within 3 months, how long will they be charged and how many kWh will be used. Moreover, they will also investigate whether solar charging piles are more popular than charging piles that are connected to the electric power system besides the solar power generation and the battery’s charging capacity. It will be shipped to other places for further data collection 3 months after they finish collecting the data.
Wheatley said, ’EVARC makes the impossible possible. It can be set up on places where cables can’t be laid originally. In the past, you would say that ‘if I have had an EV charger’ while you will say ‘there should be one’ in the near future.
Finally, Wheatley emphasized the meaning of the new business like this, ‘we realize EVs’ power driving only by solar power generation. It only takes several minutes to set up the charging piles rather than several months. This is the paradigm shift of charging piles

The solar carport combination of power generation sunshade and rain protection.

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The solar carport first appears in Center park, which is a combination of power generation, sunshade and rain protection.

solar carport

The companys manager: you can save electricity charges of more than 200 yuan every day. We think that the solar powers application to this field has a promising future.

Citizens are very familiar with carports that are used for car parking. Their materials are simply plastics, steel, tensile membranes, etc. But recently, there appears a special carport in Ningbo Beier Energy and Technology Co., Ltd. in Cidong industrial park. The rooftop of the carport is made of mono-crystalline silicon. It can not only be used to generate power, but also prevent against the rain and the sun (as shown in the figures).

A high-end, magnificent and upscale carport appears in the factory.

The reporter arrived in Ningbo Beier Energy and Technology Co., Ltd. on the afternoon of the 9th day this month. There is no significant difference between this carport and common carports if you see from a distance. It’s hard to tell that this carport is made of the solar cell panel. But you will find out that the rooftop of the carport consists of 188 sheets of monocrystalline silicon after checking it carefully at a short distance. The lines can be seen below the rooftop of the carport. It is reported that this company has two solar carports standing in a line. They cover an area of 250 square meters and can accommodate 20 cars.

There is a luxurious showroom with four transparent sides on the green space beside the solar carport and it is equipped with a power generation monitoring system. The reporter can see when the everyday peak value of the power generation is, the real-time voltage, the electric current, the output power, the illuminance, the wind speed, the temperature, the wind direction… clearly from a big screen. The company’s chairman Mr. Hua said this showroom can monitor all the real-time data when the solar carports generate electricity.

Mr Hua revealed that what the solar carport uses is grid -connected power generation. It can only be connected to the internal power grid of the factory rather than the national grid directly because what the solar carport provides is direct current. However, the direct current can invert to the alternating current of 220V-380V automatically through the special equipment. It can even invert to the ultrahigh voltage. When the equipment which uses solar power supply runs into the insufficient power, it can switch to the national grid automatically so black-out will not happen.

Save electricity charges of more than 200 yuan every day

When the reported mentioned how they had the thought of combining the solar energy with the carport, Mr. Hua said he had the thought one year ago. At that time we hadn’t carports for car parking. Considering that our carport is in solar industry, we just had a though of applying the solar cell panel to the carport. We can not only save electricity charges, but also regard the application of the solar power as a new attempt. We acted without delay. After a year’s preparation and organization, it was built successfully in June this year when going through the installation and debugging.

During the interview, the reporter knew that the whole solar carport’s maximum peak value of the power generation can reach up to 35 KW each hour. It can generate power of 200-300 KW.h especially in sunny days. Mr. Hua said if they just use common materials, the cost of the carport is just 70 thousand and now 350 thousand yuan is involved. ‘If the electricity charge is 8 jiao/ KW.h, you can save at least 150 yuan each day. If relevant policy subsidies are included, you can even save more than 200 yuan each day. Considering the cloudy and rainy weather, however, we expect to recover the cost in 7 years.’

Mr. Hua said the combination of carports and solar power generation can not only protect against the sun and rain, but also generate power. That is like killing bird with one stone. The maintenance cost of this kind of carport is very low. You just need to wash the panel every 2 or 3 months but its lifespan can reach up to 25 years. We will consider installing charging facilities like charging piles below the carport in the future, which can charge facilities that need to use electricity directly. It is reported that the company has planned to install the solar cell panel of 3KW on the rooftop of the factory in the second half of next year and take advantage of the solar power to supply electricity in every aspect.

It is very easy for solar carports to generate power.

It is understood that solar energy resources have many advantages such as green environmental protection, no pollution, direct exploitation and utilization, etc.  They have been exploited and applied to more and more fields. Using solar power to generate electricity has been very common in some developed countries like Europe and America, schools, commercial centers, technology parks and even individual families.  Although the solar cell panel has been widely applied to the fields such as the industry, life, traffic, etc. , it is still a long-term and arduous work for it to get into families in China.

Mr. Hua said common people probably think the solar carport is very novel and needs high technology. But the truth is completely different. We can even say that it is very simple because this kind of technology has been very ripe. We just change the position of the solar cell panel and apply it to the carport. In fact, the principle is the same-the solar power absorbs the sunshine radiant energy and transforms into the electric energy.  Many people haven’t even seen that the solar cell panel can be installed on the carport and they don’t know about that as well so people feel it is high-end, magnificent and upscale.

Mr. Hua said it is very rare to take advantage of solar carports to generate electricity in China. This kind of power generation can make good use of cities’ little space to produce green power so we think highly of the prospect of solar power’s application to carports. This attempt can be regarded as the touchstone for our company’s future development fields. If it works well, maybe we will make corresponding promotion and release it onto the market in the future. Maybe it will become another business item of our company.

Will the “green solar carport” at your fingertips be a new tipping point in solar power market?

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The application of the solar energy can be found everywhere. There is a special low-carbon landscape -“green solar carport” in Jiaxing Haining’s TDG economic development zone. This is China’s first use of BIPV (Building Integrated PV) carport which has the alternating current module system. This is also a highlight in BIPV application sector. This project takes advantage of the new-built parking lot in the factory. The parking lot covers an area of 3143 square meters and can accommodate 124 parking spaces and the circular arc spans 17 meters. Its scale and architectural aesthetics are very rare among domestic solar carports

solar carport for sale

You can see over 1700 beautiful polycrystalline silicon solar modules, which are offered by TDG holding co., ltd., on the top of the carport when you take a close look at this BIPV green carport. It can not only protect the carport against the sun and rain, but also provide the green power whose annual electricity production is about 0.38 million KW.h

For the whole factory. The project uses micro invert-er creatively and its installed capacity reaches up to 504.5 KW. The carport skeleton mainly

uses the “structural low-alloy steel”. The modules on the carport top

are fixed by means of the mountings and pressing blocks. The electric

energy conversion efficiency of the whole system can reach up to 82%.


You can also find a green solar carport in Hangzhou!

There is a “green solar charging carport for electric vehicles”, located in economic and technological development zone (Xiasha) in Hangzhou. It uses Hangzhou Ample Sun’s membrane solar module. This kind of module, which you can customize colors for it and can penetrate the light, is very suitable to be applied to buildings because of its beautiful appearance.52 waterproof sockets are installed on the cross beam, which is 30 cm in height from the ground, inside the carport to recharge the electric bicycles. The installed capacity of the project is 7.5 KW and its average power generation can reach up to 9130 KW.h. per annul.

The total installed capacity of a solar carport covering an area of 720 m2 is 100 KW. It uses the BIPV carport installation system from Hangzhou Versol Solar. And it is a perfect combination of the solar technology and the carport building itself. The easy structure and creative plug-in aluminum rail installation mode make it more convenient. You can even move it and recycle it, which greatly shows the high flexibility.

With an increasing demand for all kinds of power and people’s increasing environmental consciousness, the solar power becomes more and more common in our daily life. The green solar carport can be constructed in accordance with local conditions and its appearance is very gorgeous. It not only makes the most of the sun’s energy to form power supply, but also can combine closely with the use of electric vehicles. It becomes more and more popular among the enterprises and institutions, commercial organizations and customers.