USA customs damaged my Carport!

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I got a bad news from one of my customers, one of our double car carport got damaged by USA customs.

Lucky, just two or three top pad got damaged, we just need to resend them,

After we done some research, We find the killer is the forklift.

So we have upgraded our packing materials and packing skill.

1 We don’t bundle all the carport complements together anymore, cause if the single packages is too heavy, then it’s easily got damaged by the forklift.

2 We put foam plastic in the middle, then using 2 layers of cardboard. , I believe this time, should be no damage anymore.


one more word,  We know during two countries has long distance, but we don’t let our clients take the risk, and we gonna keep improving our service . We cover any damaged carport and resend it for free. And We will make sure this will never happen again.



A damaged carport story

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Several years ago, there happened a thing. One of home owner found us and wanted to buy a carport, so our sales made him an offer and design according to his requirements.

But the thing is, he thought our price was too high and then chose another company who could provide a lower price after checking our scheme and offer.

But the tragedy happened. The carport collapsed due to the windy weather just a few days after he finished installation.

Luckily, there were no casualties because the customer’s villa was still under construction. And no cars were hit as well.

Please observe the carport on the picture carefully, you will find that their frame is very cheap and rough. Although their carport is made of aluminum alloy as well, it stands no comparison with ours. And the aluminum alloy frame should be to blame for this accident. Once there is windy weather, there will be something wrong with the carports. 

Do you still remember the comparisons we made before You can hardly tell the difference from the appearance, but if you observe them carefully, you can easily find out the differences.

You can image how angry the customer was. In fact, however, our offer was just a little higher than that of the company.

 If you want to know how to distinguish the quality of the aluminum alloy, please click on this link:

How to distinguish the quality of the aluminum alloy frame of the carport

If you want to know why our carports are so sturdy, please look here: 

Why are our carports so sturdy on earth?

And another thing we have to say is that:

We made patio cover as well, while the patio cover is mainly used for people. So you should understand that safety is the most important thing before building a patio cover! You must treat your patio cover seriously and use the best materials because it is not only one part of your house, but also your life.

Important carport parts materials comparison

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I have always explained the reason why our carports look the same as those of other factories while ours are more expensive. But it doesn’t make sense without evidence.

So we collected a large number of imitators’ samples after attending an exposition.

We finished a video about a comparison of the carports’ materials.


Please note that the carport parts on the right is ours in the video.  You will find that there is a big gap between them and some of our parts’ quality is far better than our imitators’ parts.

This is just a difference of the materials. We have also a technical advantage.

So our costs far exceed that of our imitators while our prices actually aren’t that high.


We have always hoped that our customer should pay more attention to the quality because carport damage happens frequently.

Why are our carports so sturdy on earth?

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Our carports are adopted by a large number of large enterprises such as the world-class Samsung, Borgwarner, Hitachi, etc. Please refer to .

The main reason why they choose us Carportbuy is that our carports are of good quality, sturdy, durable and have an elegant appearance. To large-scale enterprises, the buildings in their factories are also an important part of the corporate identity.

But why are our carports so sturdy on earth? We have a lot of secrets and the following video will explain one of the them.

The main reason is that our carport top and the connecting fitting of the carport frame use systematic structure connection rather than only several screws.

Do you want to know how our imitators do? You can check the following picture. They fasten the carport top and the carport frame with only four screws.

We took this picture from our imitator. Of course, their prices are lower than us.

But we begin to worry about this carport’s owner because we know that once the screws begins to loosen and there is windy weather several years later, this carport could blow off directly.

It is worthwhile to note that all the connecting fittings of our carports are customized by ourselves and part of them has been applied for a patent, which, of course, needs a large number of costs.

But we have determined to do that. We know that our products are related to our customers’ life and property safety so we treat it seriously.

We will keep “quality first and safety first” in our minds all the time.

How to move an installed carport?

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For some reasons, some of our clients need to move their installed carport to another place. I would say it’s very possible. yes our carport is a permanent building.  but doesn’t mean you can’t move it. know let’s see how to move it.

First you need to remove the carport top. This step is usually very easy. The whole carport top can be moved. And then only the posts remain.

Following schemes are for you to move the posts.

1,After removing part of the concrete, you should move the posts along with the concrete.

It sounds crazy, isn’t it? In fact, it isn’t so.

The density of the concrete is 2500KG/ cubic meter so one post with the concrete should weight 540KG (0.6*0.6*0.6*2500). Therefore, you should move them to a new position and reinstall them after removing part of the concrete with an electric pick. it’s a tough job though.

Please note that don’t hurt the posts

2 Cut off part of the post and reinstall it.

This kind of way will be easier. Cut off part of the post at the same height. But your carport will lose a height of 60 cm. If you are sure that your carport will be moved in the future, we suggest you should tell us when buying so that you can increase the length of the posts.

3 Buy another pair of posts.

Posts are not the most expensive part, you can spend more money on buying additional posts so that you can reinstall them more easily.

Metal garage kit for sale

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We sell advanced metal garages kit.

Metal carports are becoming more and more popular because they can be installed quickly. And the cost of building a carport is cheaper than a garage. It can satisfy many families’ demands for car parking at daily life.

The frame of our metal garage is made of advanced aluminum alloy while the roof consists of superb PC boards. The design of the carport is very trendy and it is very easy to install. It is becoming more and more popular in the market.

Compared to products in other companies, the lifespan of our carport is much longer because our material is more advanced. The key point is that our metal garage, as a mature product, is designed to prevent against sunshade, torrential rain and blizzard. It has excellent drainage function and even self-cleaning function. It is easier to maintain a carport than your house.

Before placing an order, you should consider your housing situation first. You can choose our standard product or just customize one.
If you decide to customize a garage, we will send a garage kit to you. You need to assemble it by yourself.
Fortunately, our garage kit is very easy to install and we have perfect installation instructions.
If you are very good at this kind of work, you can finish it on your own. You can find at least two helpers to help you. It only takes 2 days to finish installation, which is far less than the time of building a traditional iron carport or other companies’ products.

And complicated tools (such as electric welder) are not required during our installation. Using our products will greatly save your precious time.

If you still feel annoyed, you can directly ask the local installation company for help because our garage is easy to install and costs you a little just as what I have said.

Our factory is located in Shanghai, China. We will send the products to your home by ship or truck. It will only take 1 month to finish the whole procedure. Know about us.

How to design a metal carport

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Carports are the most common shed-type buildings in modern urban life. Features like simplicity, flexibility and wide applicability, etc. deeply impress a large amount of car owners. However, it is still necessary for us to know about the key design points.


Draw the design drawing on the computer according to the actual measurement data.

During the process of designing drawing, you should identify the size of the building plane, the actual rendering of the design, the clearance mass and the coordinates of every point, etc.

The actual design difficulties lie in the applied position of the load. Whether to put the stress on the board or the aluminum alloy profile should be identified by scientific calculations.



Design the surface in an initial form

The board material itself is a kind of macromolecular structure, which can’t produce shear force or stiffness by means of its own characteristic like steel products.

So how to place the aluminum alloy profile and the post so that it can form the initial surface to install PC board material.

Here we need to point out that the sizes and shapes of boards don’t form immediately, needing to meet the balance of tension at a certain condition. And then we need to carry out the load analysis and the formation of shear force based on that.


Calculate the stability of aluminum alloy profiles

After having the surface diagram in an initial form, we should calculate the rough load that the carport needs to bear according to the area of the carport.

Under normal weather conditions,PC boards almost bear all the loads.

When there is deformation, the tension will increase. For example, rain, snow and wind will all make the materials of boards change, leading to the tension transferring to the frame and posts.

So we need to calculate the stress of the aluminum alloy frame under drastic weather so that we can decide on the type and the thickness of the aluminum alloy we will use.



Choose materials

After deciding to use the aluminum alloy skeleton and PC board, you can choose a suitable PC board according to the stress.

The determinant of choosing PC boards is the thickness, the thickness and shape of profiles and the appearance (color), etc.



Clip boards

It means you should change the 3D surface shape in computer design software into plan shape,identifying the position of the clipping line and staring point, and use the cutting machine to clip it precisely. In fact, the product that is formed finally is the carport kit.


The last thing we should do is the construction, which belongs to another category. And it has many precautions.


After completing the construction, the tension should be moderate and conform to the requirements of the design drawing. Even though the board is damaged because of the outbreak of abnormal condition, the aluminum alloy remains stable. Then it can be called a qualified design.

From measurement date to construction, there are only few simple procedures for the design of the carport. Although there are only few simple procedures, people should still keep a principle in your mind: you should seek professional carport producers because your carport requires a long lifespan of up to several decades like your house.

Carport VS Garage-how to choose?

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Carport or garage is an essential facility for every family. It can protect your beloved cars from rain, snow, hail and strong sunshine.

But it is still hard for people to decide between carports and garages. Now we will say something about their advantages and disadvantages respectively.



Generally speaking, carport only has a top but it hasn’t four walls. It is divided into temporary carport and permanent carport. What we will discuss here is the permanent metal carport, which is usually divided into steel carport and aluminum alloy carport.

Carports give people a feeling of openness because the air is in circulation. It is very easy to use and you don’t need to open and close its door.

The purpose of the carport is very flexible. You can have a barbecue or have a cup of tea with your friends together under the carport.

It is very easy to move the carport. It is unlike garage to be moved hardly once built. Moving the installation position of a carport is not so difficult. We had a client that moved our carports two times within 5 years.

Compared to garages, carports are cheaper because it has no walls and doors.


The garage has an anti-theft function.

Normally, other stuff will be put in the garage so it is not only used to park cars.

The garage is closed so it can cut off external interference.

Many people use the garage as a place to work, and many great companies are born in garages, such as Apple Inc, Google, HP, Amazon, etc. I guess that a lot of parents will invest more money in making their own garages more comfortable because of that reason. Maybe their children need to use them in the future.

The garage is a permanent building, which is usually connected to your house.

It will cost you a large amount of money to build a garage.

It looks hard to make a decision between a garage and a carport. Then is there any perfect choice? The answer is yes!

You can customize our plan for the double carport and bounding wall.

1 The dark translucent roof can adjust the light and conserve energy.

2 Superb aluminum alloy framework will make the lifespan of your garage as long as your house.

3 It can be installed quickly and protect against theft. It has a wide range of purposes.

It has the same function of a garage. In addition, it can keep the flexibility and feeling of the carport. Of course, it has a perfect price!

How to choose installation position of carports

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Make sure that the placement of the carport can’t be ignored when we are building a carport.

If the carport is placed reasonably, it will be not only more convenient for people to park cars, but also good for overall environmental coordination.

So when building a carport, we should carry out a series of references to ensure the reasonable placement.

1 Consider the convenience when driving in and out of the carport


If you want to improve the efficiency of parking and driving cars which you have to repeat every day.

You can choose a location where both sides of the carport are open so that you can drive your car into the carport quickly. And when using the car, you don’t need to reverse it. What you should do is to hit the gas pedal and leave the carport directly.

2 Put one side of the carport against the wall.

After all, not all families have a big courtyard. You can install the post of the carport against the wall in order to save space, which will make the carport look like one part of the house. You can choose the color of our carports’ aluminum alloy posts to make it match the color of your house.

3 Make the carport become an extension to your gate.

Image that when there is heavy rain or hot sun outside, you must want to get into the car quickly rather than expose yourself. When the carport becomes the extension of your gate, you can form a ‘No-slot Joint’ with the outside world.

In a word, the location of the carport requires considering your situation in a comprehensive way.

on more thing,

Keep away from big trees
If possible, don’t install the carport under the shade. Although our carport is not afraid of dust, it can’t clean up automatically if leaves and bird droppings fall on the top of the carport. Maybe you need to increase the times of cleaning.

Safety precautions against the installation of carports kit

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Today, Carportbuy will explain the installation tools, the installation and operating process of carports kit to everybody.

1 There must be protection devices in front of elevators, stairs, reserved openings and passageway of the construction-in-progress.

2 The erection of wires, circuits must conform to the regulations of local Electricity Power Bureau. The electric equipment should be all earthing and neutral earthing.

3 The material of the scaffold and its erection must conform to the requirements of the procedure.

4 The protection devices of the mechanical equipment must be complete and effective.

5 Hoisting equipment such as tower cranes etc. must have caging devices. They are not allowed to work with failure or be overloaded with work or go through maintenance during operation.

6 Use the safety helmet,safety belt, safety net according to the rules.

7 All kinds of wind cable ropes and their equipment must conform to the requirements of the procedure.

8 You are not allowed to wear high-heeled shoes, slippers or go barefoot to enter construction site. You are not allowed to wear slippery shoes or boots with hard soles and spikes when working aloft.

9 Motor machines and electric hand-held tools should have earth leakage protection devices.

10 Dangerous areas like cliffs, steep slopes etc. on the construction site should have warning signs. Warning lights should be set at night.

The ten items above are the basic requirements for the safety installation of carports. Each of them is indispensable.

Carportbuy specializes in new-type luxurious aluminum alloy carports kit.

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