Why are our carports so sturdy on earth?

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Our carports are adopted by a large number of large enterprises such as the world-class Samsung, Borgwarner, Hitachi, etc. Please refer to https://www.carportbuy.com/clients .

The main reason why they choose us Carportbuy is that our carports are of good quality, sturdy, durable and have an elegant appearance. To large-scale enterprises, the buildings in their factories are also an important part of the corporate identity.

But why are our carports so sturdy on earth? We have a lot of secrets and the following video will explain one of the them.

The main reason is that our carport top and the connecting fitting of the carport frame use systematic structure connection rather than only several screws.

Do you want to know how our imitators do? You can check the following picture. They fasten the carport top and the carport frame with only four screws.

We took this picture from our imitator. Of course, their prices are lower than us.

But we begin to worry about this carport’s owner because we know that once the screws begins to loosen and there is windy weather several years later, this carport could blow off directly.

It is worthwhile to note that all the connecting fittings of our carports are customized by ourselves and part of them has been applied for a patent, which, of course, needs a large number of costs.

But we have determined to do that. We know that our products are related to our customers’ life and property safety so we treat it seriously.

We will keep “quality first and safety first” in our minds all the time.

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