Carport VS Garage-how to choose?

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Carport or garage is an essential facility for every family. It can protect your beloved cars from rain, snow, hail and strong sunshine.

But it is still hard for people to decide between carports and garages. Now we will say something about their advantages and disadvantages respectively.



Generally speaking, carport only has a top but it hasn’t four walls. It is divided into temporary carport and permanent carport. What we will discuss here is the permanent metal carport, which is usually divided into steel carport and aluminum alloy carport.

Carports give people a feeling of openness because the air is in circulation. It is very easy to use and you don’t need to open and close its door.

The purpose of the carport is very flexible. You can have a barbecue or have a cup of tea with your friends together under the carport.

It is very easy to move the carport. It is unlike garage to be moved hardly once built. Moving the installation position of a carport is not so difficult. We had a client that moved our carports two times within 5 years.

Compared to garages, carports are cheaper because it has no walls and doors.


The garage has an anti-theft function.

Normally, other stuff will be put in the garage so it is not only used to park cars.

The garage is closed so it can cut off external interference.

Many people use the garage as a place to work, and many great companies are born in garages, such as Apple Inc, Google, HP, Amazon, etc. I guess that a lot of parents will invest more money in making their own garages more comfortable because of that reason. Maybe their children need to use them in the future.

The garage is a permanent building, which is usually connected to your house.

It will cost you a large amount of money to build a garage.

It looks hard to make a decision between a garage and a carport. Then is there any perfect choice? The answer is yes!

You can customize our plan for the double carport and bounding wall.

1 The dark translucent roof can adjust the light and conserve energy.

2 Superb aluminum alloy framework will make the lifespan of your garage as long as your house.

3 It can be installed quickly and protect against theft. It has a wide range of purposes.

It has the same function of a garage. In addition, it can keep the flexibility and feeling of the carport. Of course, it has a perfect price!

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