Double Carport Data sheet

 Important data:

  • UV resistance ability: It can effectively shelter more than 98% UV rays which protects the car from UV damages.
  • Extreme temperature resistance  : -40 degree to +120 degree
  • High snow pressure resistance: 40cm thick snow.20cm ice snow.
  • High wind pressure resistance: wind speed of 35m/s.
1. The aluminum alloy skeleton uses 6063-T5 brand new aluminum bar raw material. Its surface treatment is divided into electroscopes and outdoor powder spray coating. The tonnage of the processing equipment is 1800T and 2600T.
2. The sun visor of the ceiling uses 100% brand new imported poly-carbonate. The thickness of the plate is 2 mm and a thickness of 50 micrometers additional UV protective layer is added. The plate is 600mm, 650mm and 700 mm in width and each set of products’ top plate is evenly divided in width.
3. The processing technology uses hydraulic piercing and numerical control cutting and the professional team will carry out numerical control stretch bending to ensure the accuracy and unity of each material’s arc. All the materials are processed thoroughly and don’t need on-the-spot orientation or secondary processing.
Part Name
Carport post
 carport post
160*90,the wall thickness is 3-4
Carport main beam
 main beam for carport
130*66,the wall thickness is 2-4.7
Galvanized steel elbow
 carport Galvanized steel elbow
Rectangular steel pipe, wall thickness 3
 carport downspout
The diameter is 40, the wall thickness is 1
 Rods for carport
The diameter is 50, the wall thickness is 3-5
Anti-theft lever (bike shelter optional)
130*66,the wall thickness 2-4.7
Side wall
 side wall for carport
Aluminum alloy plate + hollow sun board
Big border(looks nicer when your carport against the wall )
 big frame for carport
90*74,the wall thickness 1.8
Pad pressure bar
45*16,the wall thickness 1.5
Standard column base
The PC durable board
the wall thickness 2
  1. The common colors of the aluminum alloy skeleton are electroscopes champagne, coffee, white and dark grey. If you need other colors, you have to pay the spray coating charges of at least 100USD for each skeleton (The wood color is at least 300USD/set).
  2. The common colors of the sun visor of the ceiling are light grey, dark grey, silver grey, ivory and transparent color. If you need other colors, please contact us at [email protected].
  3. The delivery cycle of the products above is 3~5 working days. Products with special specifications and irregular products should be consulted and confirmed in advance.