Why buy the solar carport from us?

First ! Solar carport is a carport

Years experience on professional metal carport manufacturing.We started manufacturing the canvas carport since 2008. And started manufacturing metal carport since 2010.

The carport We manufactured, They are built with advanced raw materials, reasonable design, rigorous structure, beautiful shape. Easy to use and maintain. Read more about our carport building experience below.

Cut costs

We are still manufacturing a large number of traditional aluminum carports, excellent factories, workers, production lines, we have a large cost advantage. There is a strong bargaining power for raw material suppliers. Save costs for our customers.

In addition, we have supply chain advantages

We are located in Shanghai China. so here are the reasons:

China is the biggest aluminium producers in the world
China is the world's largest photovoltaic solar producer

Also, China is the largest Smart photovoltaic equipment manufacturers as well.
Buy solar carport from us, bring more value to you.

We are ready to serve our customers for a long time, build our brand, we will never compromise on customer service and product quality

We do our best to train our employees, improve product quality and service, and carefully choose our suppliers. We ask them to have at least 5 years of industry experience because we do not want our customers to have any risk.

  • Our lead-acid battery suppliers began manufacturing batteries since 1939, one of the earliest battery manufacturers in China.
  • Our solar panel suppliers began to manufacture solar energy since 2010. it is a very fast growing company, has a very good reputation.
  • Our Smart Device Controller manufacturer began producing solar controllers since 2010 and has a good reputation in the world.