The solar carport combination of power generation sunshade and rain protection.

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The solar carport first appears in Center park, which is a combination of power generation, sunshade and rain protection.

solar carport

The companys manager: you can save electricity charges of more than 200 yuan every day. We think that the solar powers application to this field has a promising future.

Citizens are very familiar with carports that are used for car parking. Their materials are simply plastics, steel, tensile membranes, etc. But recently, there appears a special carport in Ningbo Beier Energy and Technology Co., Ltd. in Cidong industrial park. The rooftop of the carport is made of mono-crystalline silicon. It can not only be used to generate power, but also prevent against the rain and the sun (as shown in the figures).

A high-end, magnificent and upscale carport appears in the factory.

The reporter arrived in Ningbo Beier Energy and Technology Co., Ltd. on the afternoon of the 9th day this month. There is no significant difference between this carport and common carports if you see from a distance. It’s hard to tell that this carport is made of the solar cell panel. But you will find out that the rooftop of the carport consists of 188 sheets of monocrystalline silicon after checking it carefully at a short distance. The lines can be seen below the rooftop of the carport. It is reported that this company has two solar carports standing in a line. They cover an area of 250 square meters and can accommodate 20 cars.

There is a luxurious showroom with four transparent sides on the green space beside the solar carport and it is equipped with a power generation monitoring system. The reporter can see when the everyday peak value of the power generation is, the real-time voltage, the electric current, the output power, the illuminance, the wind speed, the temperature, the wind direction… clearly from a big screen. The company’s chairman Mr. Hua said this showroom can monitor all the real-time data when the solar carports generate electricity.

Mr Hua revealed that what the solar carport uses is grid -connected power generation. It can only be connected to the internal power grid of the factory rather than the national grid directly because what the solar carport provides is direct current. However, the direct current can invert to the alternating current of 220V-380V automatically through the special equipment. It can even invert to the ultrahigh voltage. When the equipment which uses solar power supply runs into the insufficient power, it can switch to the national grid automatically so black-out will not happen.

Save electricity charges of more than 200 yuan every day

When the reported mentioned how they had the thought of combining the solar energy with the carport, Mr. Hua said he had the thought one year ago. At that time we hadn’t carports for car parking. Considering that our carport is in solar industry, we just had a though of applying the solar cell panel to the carport. We can not only save electricity charges, but also regard the application of the solar power as a new attempt. We acted without delay. After a year’s preparation and organization, it was built successfully in June this year when going through the installation and debugging.

During the interview, the reporter knew that the whole solar carport’s maximum peak value of the power generation can reach up to 35 KW each hour. It can generate power of 200-300 KW.h especially in sunny days. Mr. Hua said if they just use common materials, the cost of the carport is just 70 thousand and now 350 thousand yuan is involved. ‘If the electricity charge is 8 jiao/ KW.h, you can save at least 150 yuan each day. If relevant policy subsidies are included, you can even save more than 200 yuan each day. Considering the cloudy and rainy weather, however, we expect to recover the cost in 7 years.’

Mr. Hua said the combination of carports and solar power generation can not only protect against the sun and rain, but also generate power. That is like killing bird with one stone. The maintenance cost of this kind of carport is very low. You just need to wash the panel every 2 or 3 months but its lifespan can reach up to 25 years. We will consider installing charging facilities like charging piles below the carport in the future, which can charge facilities that need to use electricity directly. It is reported that the company has planned to install the solar cell panel of 3KW on the rooftop of the factory in the second half of next year and take advantage of the solar power to supply electricity in every aspect.

It is very easy for solar carports to generate power.

It is understood that solar energy resources have many advantages such as green environmental protection, no pollution, direct exploitation and utilization, etc.  They have been exploited and applied to more and more fields. Using solar power to generate electricity has been very common in some developed countries like Europe and America, schools, commercial centers, technology parks and even individual families.  Although the solar cell panel has been widely applied to the fields such as the industry, life, traffic, etc. , it is still a long-term and arduous work for it to get into families in China.

Mr. Hua said common people probably think the solar carport is very novel and needs high technology. But the truth is completely different. We can even say that it is very simple because this kind of technology has been very ripe. We just change the position of the solar cell panel and apply it to the carport. In fact, the principle is the same-the solar power absorbs the sunshine radiant energy and transforms into the electric energy.  Many people haven’t even seen that the solar cell panel can be installed on the carport and they don’t know about that as well so people feel it is high-end, magnificent and upscale.

Mr. Hua said it is very rare to take advantage of solar carports to generate electricity in China. This kind of power generation can make good use of cities’ little space to produce green power so we think highly of the prospect of solar power’s application to carports. This attempt can be regarded as the touchstone for our company’s future development fields. If it works well, maybe we will make corresponding promotion and release it onto the market in the future. Maybe it will become another business item of our company.

Will the “green solar carport” at your fingertips be a new tipping point in solar power market?

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The application of the solar energy can be found everywhere. There is a special low-carbon landscape -“green solar carport” in Jiaxing Haining’s TDG economic development zone. This is China’s first use of BIPV (Building Integrated PV) carport which has the alternating current module system. This is also a highlight in BIPV application sector. This project takes advantage of the new-built parking lot in the factory. The parking lot covers an area of 3143 square meters and can accommodate 124 parking spaces and the circular arc spans 17 meters. Its scale and architectural aesthetics are very rare among domestic solar carports

solar carport for sale

You can see over 1700 beautiful polycrystalline silicon solar modules, which are offered by TDG holding co., ltd., on the top of the carport when you take a close look at this BIPV green carport. It can not only protect the carport against the sun and rain, but also provide the green power whose annual electricity production is about 0.38 million KW.h

For the whole factory. The project uses micro invert-er creatively and its installed capacity reaches up to 504.5 KW. The carport skeleton mainly

uses the “structural low-alloy steel”. The modules on the carport top

are fixed by means of the mountings and pressing blocks. The electric

energy conversion efficiency of the whole system can reach up to 82%.


You can also find a green solar carport in Hangzhou!

There is a “green solar charging carport for electric vehicles”, located in economic and technological development zone (Xiasha) in Hangzhou. It uses Hangzhou Ample Sun’s membrane solar module. This kind of module, which you can customize colors for it and can penetrate the light, is very suitable to be applied to buildings because of its beautiful appearance.52 waterproof sockets are installed on the cross beam, which is 30 cm in height from the ground, inside the carport to recharge the electric bicycles. The installed capacity of the project is 7.5 KW and its average power generation can reach up to 9130 KW.h. per annul.

The total installed capacity of a solar carport covering an area of 720 m2 is 100 KW. It uses the BIPV carport installation system from Hangzhou Versol Solar. And it is a perfect combination of the solar technology and the carport building itself. The easy structure and creative plug-in aluminum rail installation mode make it more convenient. You can even move it and recycle it, which greatly shows the high flexibility.

With an increasing demand for all kinds of power and people’s increasing environmental consciousness, the solar power becomes more and more common in our daily life. The green solar carport can be constructed in accordance with local conditions and its appearance is very gorgeous. It not only makes the most of the sun’s energy to form power supply, but also can combine closely with the use of electric vehicles. It becomes more and more popular among the enterprises and institutions, commercial organizations and customers.

The functions of the covered patio

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Function 1 :the covered patio can protect again the wind and rain. It is a best place to hang your washing up. You can install an airer under it to hang clothes up. Even though there is rain suddenly, it still doesn’t matter that you are out because the covered patio can protect against the wind and rain.

Function 2 :the UV rays in the sun will do serious damage to floors, walls and curtains, etc. If you have installed a covered patio, the canopy can cut off and absorb UV rays, preventing the interior decoration from degradation and fading.

Get a patio cover today to start your new patio life.

patio cover

Function 3: the covered patio has a wide range of uses. It can protect against not only the wind and rain, but also the sun. Its canopy can play the role of protecting against the sun, blocking the torrid summer sunshine, controlling a rise in indoor temperature so the effect of the air conditioner can be greatly improved and the energy can be conserved.

Function 4: the covered patio create an outdoor space that can protect against the wind and rain. You can do some DIY jobs which are hard to do indoors. It is also the most suitable place where you can maintain the jobs which will take up too much room, such as fishing rods, golf gear, etc.

Function 5: you can enjoy the cool in summer and bask in the sun in winter. Under the care of the covered patio, you can have fun with your beloved pets. It can be used as a place where children can play. It will make our life colorful.

Function 6: if natural preservative woodworking is used to match the covered patio, the covered patio will form a little outdoor living room which can give you an utterly open sensation. You can put a dining table, chairs and greenery in it. Then the whole family can gather happily in the party, enjoying the quality time.

Function 7: it is a good place where you can feel the fun of the family-type garden or vegetable patch. You can plant some seasonal flowers and plants and edible vegetables, enjoying the sight of flowers and plants, watching bees and butterflies fluttering around. What fun!

Function 8: make a cup of tea for yourself in the warm winter sunshine and taste the life with the scent of tea.

How to design a metal carport

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Carports are the most common shed-type buildings in modern urban life. Features like simplicity, flexibility and wide applicability, etc. deeply impress a large amount of car owners. However, it is still necessary for us to know about the key design points.


Draw the design drawing on the computer according to the actual measurement data.

During the process of designing drawing, you should identify the size of the building plane, the actual rendering of the design, the clearance mass and the coordinates of every point, etc.

The actual design difficulties lie in the applied position of the load. Whether to put the stress on the board or the aluminum alloy profile should be identified by scientific calculations.



Design the surface in an initial form

The board material itself is a kind of macromolecular structure, which can’t produce shear force or stiffness by means of its own characteristic like steel products.

So how to place the aluminum alloy profile and the post so that it can form the initial surface to install PC board material.

Here we need to point out that the sizes and shapes of boards don’t form immediately, needing to meet the balance of tension at a certain condition. And then we need to carry out the load analysis and the formation of shear force based on that.


Calculate the stability of aluminum alloy profiles

After having the surface diagram in an initial form, we should calculate the rough load that the carport needs to bear according to the area of the carport.

Under normal weather conditions,PC boards almost bear all the loads.

When there is deformation, the tension will increase. For example, rain, snow and wind will all make the materials of boards change, leading to the tension transferring to the frame and posts.

So we need to calculate the stress of the aluminum alloy frame under drastic weather so that we can decide on the type and the thickness of the aluminum alloy we will use.



Choose materials

After deciding to use the aluminum alloy skeleton and PC board, you can choose a suitable PC board according to the stress.

The determinant of choosing PC boards is the thickness, the thickness and shape of profiles and the appearance (color), etc.



Clip boards

It means you should change the 3D surface shape in computer design software into plan shape,identifying the position of the clipping line and staring point, and use the cutting machine to clip it precisely. In fact, the product that is formed finally is the carport kit.


The last thing we should do is the construction, which belongs to another category. And it has many precautions.


After completing the construction, the tension should be moderate and conform to the requirements of the design drawing. Even though the board is damaged because of the outbreak of abnormal condition, the aluminum alloy remains stable. Then it can be called a qualified design.

From measurement date to construction, there are only few simple procedures for the design of the carport. Although there are only few simple procedures, people should still keep a principle in your mind: you should seek professional carport producers because your carport requires a long lifespan of up to several decades like your house.

Carport VS Garage-how to choose?

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Carport or garage is an essential facility for every family. It can protect your beloved cars from rain, snow, hail and strong sunshine.

But it is still hard for people to decide between carports and garages. Now we will say something about their advantages and disadvantages respectively.



Generally speaking, carport only has a top but it hasn’t four walls. It is divided into temporary carport and permanent carport. What we will discuss here is the permanent metal carport, which is usually divided into steel carport and aluminum alloy carport.

Carports give people a feeling of openness because the air is in circulation. It is very easy to use and you don’t need to open and close its door.

The purpose of the carport is very flexible. You can have a barbecue or have a cup of tea with your friends together under the carport.

It is very easy to move the carport. It is unlike garage to be moved hardly once built. Moving the installation position of a carport is not so difficult. We had a client that moved our carports two times within 5 years.

Compared to garages, carports are cheaper because it has no walls and doors.


The garage has an anti-theft function.

Normally, other stuff will be put in the garage so it is not only used to park cars.

The garage is closed so it can cut off external interference.

Many people use the garage as a place to work, and many great companies are born in garages, such as Apple Inc, Google, HP, Amazon, etc. I guess that a lot of parents will invest more money in making their own garages more comfortable because of that reason. Maybe their children need to use them in the future.

The garage is a permanent building, which is usually connected to your house.

It will cost you a large amount of money to build a garage.

It looks hard to make a decision between a garage and a carport. Then is there any perfect choice? The answer is yes!

You can customize our plan for the double carport and bounding wall.

1 The dark translucent roof can adjust the light and conserve energy.

2 Superb aluminum alloy framework will make the lifespan of your garage as long as your house.

3 It can be installed quickly and protect against theft. It has a wide range of purposes.

It has the same function of a garage. In addition, it can keep the flexibility and feeling of the carport. Of course, it has a perfect price!

How to choose installation position of carports

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Make sure that the placement of the carport can’t be ignored when we are building a carport.

If the carport is placed reasonably, it will be not only more convenient for people to park cars, but also good for overall environmental coordination.

So when building a carport, we should carry out a series of references to ensure the reasonable placement.

1 Consider the convenience when driving in and out of the carport


If you want to improve the efficiency of parking and driving cars which you have to repeat every day.

You can choose a location where both sides of the carport are open so that you can drive your car into the carport quickly. And when using the car, you don’t need to reverse it. What you should do is to hit the gas pedal and leave the carport directly.

2 Put one side of the carport against the wall.

After all, not all families have a big courtyard. You can install the post of the carport against the wall in order to save space, which will make the carport look like one part of the house. You can choose the color of our carports’ aluminum alloy posts to make it match the color of your house.

3 Make the carport become an extension to your gate.

Image that when there is heavy rain or hot sun outside, you must want to get into the car quickly rather than expose yourself. When the carport becomes the extension of your gate, you can form a ‘No-slot Joint’ with the outside world.

In a word, the location of the carport requires considering your situation in a comprehensive way.

on more thing,

Keep away from big trees
If possible, don’t install the carport under the shade. Although our carport is not afraid of dust, it can’t clean up automatically if leaves and bird droppings fall on the top of the carport. Maybe you need to increase the times of cleaning.

Safety precautions against the installation of carports kit

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Today, Carportbuy will explain the installation tools, the installation and operating process of carports kit to everybody.

1 There must be protection devices in front of elevators, stairs, reserved openings and passageway of the construction-in-progress.

2 The erection of wires, circuits must conform to the regulations of local Electricity Power Bureau. The electric equipment should be all earthing and neutral earthing.

3 The material of the scaffold and its erection must conform to the requirements of the procedure.

4 The protection devices of the mechanical equipment must be complete and effective.

5 Hoisting equipment such as tower cranes etc. must have caging devices. They are not allowed to work with failure or be overloaded with work or go through maintenance during operation.

6 Use the safety helmet,safety belt, safety net according to the rules.

7 All kinds of wind cable ropes and their equipment must conform to the requirements of the procedure.

8 You are not allowed to wear high-heeled shoes, slippers or go barefoot to enter construction site. You are not allowed to wear slippery shoes or boots with hard soles and spikes when working aloft.

9 Motor machines and electric hand-held tools should have earth leakage protection devices.

10 Dangerous areas like cliffs, steep slopes etc. on the construction site should have warning signs. Warning lights should be set at night.

The ten items above are the basic requirements for the safety installation of carports. Each of them is indispensable.

Carportbuy specializes in new-type luxurious aluminum alloy carports kit.

how to build a carport

The advantages of aluminum profiles for aluminum alloy carports

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The aluminum profiles for aluminum alloy carports are made of a blend of pure aluminum and some alloying elements, such as an alloy of aluminum and manganese, an alloy of aluminum and copper, a hard aluminum alloy of aluminum, copper and magnesium,

aluminum carport kit

an extraordinarily hard aluminum alloy of aluminum, zinc, magnesium and copper .  Aluminum alloy has the greater performance of physical mechanics than pure aluminum: being processed easily, high durability,wide  scope of application,good effect on decoration, wide types.

Aluminum alloy is divided into many different types like anti-rust aluminum,hard aluminum, extraordinarily hard aluminum and so on. Each type has its own application scope and own code for users to choose. The aluminum alloy still sticks to its lightweight feature, but its mechanical property has been improved obviously.

The application of aluminum  alloy has three following aspects: the first aspect is as stressed members, the second aspect is as materials for doors, windows, pipes, lids and shells etc., the third aspect is as decoration and insulation materials.

Aluminum alloy can be made into a wide range of decorations after it goes through the anodize oxidation so that it can be colored. They can be made into a wide range of decoration plates and profiles which can be used as decoration materials after the aluminum alloy plates and  the appearance of profiles go through the secondary processing like anti corrosion,cotton ginning,painting and printing etc.. Its cost is very low, and it can be made into same components in quantities by using some kind of processing technology,which is one of its features.

The property of the aluminum alloy is lightweight and simple processing. And it is unlike carbon fiber that having a maximum stressed scale in terms of strength resistance.

What does it mean? It means the stressed force of carbon fiber can be strong only in a specific fiber direction while the stressed force in other direction is bad because of the carbon fiber’s property of having fiber.

aluminum alloy frame carport kit

Maybe several layers of carbon fiber will be used when making a larger component. The component will become sheeny like flaky pastry only when it is beyond the stressed force.

The aluminum alloy will become deformed and damaged gradually after it bears some strength. And the processing of aluminum alloy is very simple, and it has strong heat dissipation. Moreover, aluminum alloy is an extraordinarily suitable material to be used on vehicle engines. Here is simply a good place for aluminum alloy to show its power. In addition, there are a variety of technologies to progress aluminum alloy. Its universality is very strong.



The performance of aluminum alloy is very strong. The lifespan of the aluminum alloy made of aluminum alloy can usually reach up to 30 years.

How to distinguish the quality of the aluminum alloy frame of the carport

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How to distinguish the quality of the aluminum alloy frame of the carport.

Aluminum alloy is a kind of metal that is widely used. It is a main material in our aluminum alloy carport kit.

The quality of the carport depends on the quality of the aluminum alloy directly.

Today, we will tell you how to use our eyes to distinguish the quality of the aluminum alloy.

carport frame

1 The wall thickness of the profile,Profiles with thin walls can’t be used.

2 The evenness of the palate’s surface.Take the hollow profile as an example you should check whether there are dents and bulges in four sides of the profile.

3 The length of the profile is 6m. You should check whether there is obvious twist. It the twist is too large, the plate can’t be used.

4 Check whether the surface of the profile has bubbles (white dots) and grey slag (black dots).

5 No cracks, burrs, peelings and corrosion should be found on the surface of the profile.

6 No obvious scratches, pressed pits and cuts should be found on the surface of the profile.

7 It you use your hands to bend the profile, the twist strength should be good, and the plate can return to its original shape after you loosen your hands. It should not be too soft. Shapes like “noodles” can’t be ever used.

8 A color with two different shades is not allowed in the same profile.

9 Put several profiles together to compare the color difference. If the color difference is too obvious, it will be not good to use it.

10Use a lubricating hard object (the steel object) to slightly make a line, and there will be a white scratch on the surface of the profile. If the scratch can be cleaned by your hand, it means the oxide film isn’t been cleaned. If the white scratch can’t be cleaned off by your hand, it means the oxide film has been cleaned off, which means the oxide film isn’t sturdy and thick enough. And the aluminum has a poor quality of oxidation.

11. Hollow profiles with blue, green or yellow inner walls all belong to scrap aluminum. 

The quality of the aluminum is related to many factors. The following are some common introductions, aiming to prevent our clients from being swindled and offer a preliminary basis to them when they are choosing the aluminum profile. When choosing the profile, you should check the test report. If you are anxious to get things on the cheap and believe in what salesmen talk about, you will buy the aluminum profile of bad quality, which will lead to hazard for construction.

The advantages of Aluminum Frame carport

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Why do you need a carport?

It is very necessary to install a carport because nature has its own regulation and the natural phenomena like the conversion of four seasons, the wind and rain, the thunder and lightning, the blazing sun, the frost and snow etc. are all irreversible.

There will be no umbrella for your beloved car without the carport.

Researches have showed that the performance loss speed of vehicles that are parked in the open air for a long period of time is one time faster than vehicles that are parked in carports.

As time goes on, vehicles without the protection of carports will fade, and the appearance will not that beautiful.

Four major advantages after using carports:

Prevent vehicles from being frosted

The frost in the winter morning is one of the worst enemies for vehicles. It will not only damage cars badly but also bring a lot of inconvenience for you to go outside. Carports can prevent cars from being damaged and make it convenient for you to go outside.

Block UV rays effectively

We all know to prevent our skin from being damaged by UV rays for a long period of time. Vehicles are also in a similar way. If vehicles are exposed to the sun repeatedly every day, it will be hurt as well. The poly-carbonate material from German Bayer that our carport uses can block the invasion of harmful UV rays effectively.

Prevent against high temperature and exposure to the blazing sun

The temperature in the car will continuously going up in hot summer. Our carport can block the high temperature and the invasion of the strong sunshine, preventing the increase of the temperature in the car. (The result of the test is that the temperature in the car is 65℃ when the car is exposed to the blazing sun; the temperature in the car is 36℃under the protection of our carport. The temperature difference between them is 29℃.)

Prevent against falling objects

The impact-resistance and strength of the poly-carbonate material from German Bayer that our carports use is 250 times stronger than the common glass. It will not be broken even though you use hammers to strike it. It can avoid and reduce the damage caused by objects falling from high altitudes effectively.

The advantages of our carports

No fear of bad weather

Choosing a suitable carport can play important roles. You can still use our carports with no worry even though there is snow, hurricane and hail.

It is easy to detach and install.

Our carports all use the lightweight materials, which are more modern, low-carbon and convenient.

The possibilities of relocation or moving to the new position will not be ruled out because of the new planning during the use of the carport.

Our carports can totally satisfy your needs. It can be detached and installed many times without damage.

It can even be restored to the original effect and state after the material is cleaned simply during the process of detaching and installing the carport.

Extremely long lifespan

When choosing the material of the carport, we fully consider the details of the lifespan and later maintenance.

All the material we choose and the manufacturing process can show the feature of an extremely long lifespan. It can even avoid the tedious and tiring maintenance during the use in later time and an unnecessary secondary expenditure.

It can depose of natural pollution sources by itself.

Generally speaking, outdoor equipment will be polluted by natural pollution sources, such as bird dropping, dust, plant organic matter and so on.

The poly-carbonate material from German Bayer that we use can achieve the effect of self-clean after it is washed by rain.

The photocatalyst substance can produce catalytic reaction, oxidizing and decomposing a variety of organic compounds and part of inorganic matter under the irradiation of light, so it has the strong functions of sterilization, deodorization, anti-mildew, anti-fouling and self-clean.