bike shelter cover for sale

bike shelter for your Motorcycles, bicycles, electric bike, toy cars, Our carport is applicable to not only cars, but also bikes.

bike shelter
Compared to cars, bikes are more fragile so they eagerly need a shelter.

Our bike shelter have functions of thermal insulation and rain prevention. If you park the bike under our carport in hot summer, the bike will be intact. Please have a look at the advantages of our carport

Our carport can charge bicycles because we can integrate rechargeable sockets and the sockets have waterproof and safe earthing functions. If you need to find a perfect carport for your e-bike, please choose us.

Our bike shelter have been applied to many universities since 2010. Please watch the following video, which is about us going back to that university to check our bicycle shed six years later. It is still intact and brand new like ever before.

Our bike shelter support customization, please visit this page to customize a bike shelter.