The advantages of aluminum profiles for aluminum alloy carports

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The aluminum profiles for aluminum alloy carports are made of a blend of pure aluminum and some alloying elements, such as an alloy of aluminum and manganese, an alloy of aluminum and copper, a hard aluminum alloy of aluminum, copper and magnesium,

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an extraordinarily hard aluminum alloy of aluminum, zinc, magnesium and copper .  Aluminum alloy has the greater performance of physical mechanics than pure aluminum: being processed easily, high durability,wide  scope of application,good effect on decoration, wide types.

Aluminum alloy is divided into many different types like anti-rust aluminum,hard aluminum, extraordinarily hard aluminum and so on. Each type has its own application scope and own code for users to choose. The aluminum alloy still sticks to its lightweight feature, but its mechanical property has been improved obviously.

The application of aluminum  alloy has three following aspects: the first aspect is as stressed members, the second aspect is as materials for doors, windows, pipes, lids and shells etc., the third aspect is as decoration and insulation materials.

Aluminum alloy can be made into a wide range of decorations after it goes through the anodize oxidation so that it can be colored. They can be made into a wide range of decoration plates and profiles which can be used as decoration materials after the aluminum alloy plates and  the appearance of profiles go through the secondary processing like anti corrosion,cotton ginning,painting and printing etc.. Its cost is very low, and it can be made into same components in quantities by using some kind of processing technology,which is one of its features.

The property of the aluminum alloy is lightweight and simple processing. And it is unlike carbon fiber that having a maximum stressed scale in terms of strength resistance.

What does it mean? It means the stressed force of carbon fiber can be strong only in a specific fiber direction while the stressed force in other direction is bad because of the carbon fiber’s property of having fiber.

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Maybe several layers of carbon fiber will be used when making a larger component. The component will become sheeny like flaky pastry only when it is beyond the stressed force.

The aluminum alloy will become deformed and damaged gradually after it bears some strength. And the processing of aluminum alloy is very simple, and it has strong heat dissipation. Moreover, aluminum alloy is an extraordinarily suitable material to be used on vehicle engines. Here is simply a good place for aluminum alloy to show its power. In addition, there are a variety of technologies to progress aluminum alloy. Its universality is very strong.



The performance of aluminum alloy is very strong. The lifespan of the aluminum alloy made of aluminum alloy can usually reach up to 30 years.

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