The advantages of Aluminum Frame carport

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Why do you need a carport?

It is very necessary to install a carport because nature has its own regulation and the natural phenomena like the conversion of four seasons, the wind and rain, the thunder and lightning, the blazing sun, the frost and snow etc. are all irreversible.

There will be no umbrella for your beloved car without the carport.

Researches have showed that the performance loss speed of vehicles that are parked in the open air for a long period of time is one time faster than vehicles that are parked in carports.

As time goes on, vehicles without the protection of carports will fade, and the appearance will not that beautiful.

Four major advantages after using carports:

Prevent vehicles from being frosted

The frost in the winter morning is one of the worst enemies for vehicles. It will not only damage cars badly but also bring a lot of inconvenience for you to go outside. Carports can prevent cars from being damaged and make it convenient for you to go outside.

Block UV rays effectively

We all know to prevent our skin from being damaged by UV rays for a long period of time. Vehicles are also in a similar way. If vehicles are exposed to the sun repeatedly every day, it will be hurt as well. The poly-carbonate material from German Bayer that our carport uses can block the invasion of harmful UV rays effectively.

Prevent against high temperature and exposure to the blazing sun

The temperature in the car will continuously going up in hot summer. Our carport can block the high temperature and the invasion of the strong sunshine, preventing the increase of the temperature in the car. (The result of the test is that the temperature in the car is 65℃ when the car is exposed to the blazing sun; the temperature in the car is 36℃under the protection of our carport. The temperature difference between them is 29℃.)

Prevent against falling objects

The impact-resistance and strength of the poly-carbonate material from German Bayer that our carports use is 250 times stronger than the common glass. It will not be broken even though you use hammers to strike it. It can avoid and reduce the damage caused by objects falling from high altitudes effectively.

The advantages of our carports

No fear of bad weather

Choosing a suitable carport can play important roles. You can still use our carports with no worry even though there is snow, hurricane and hail.

It is easy to detach and install.

Our carports all use the lightweight materials, which are more modern, low-carbon and convenient.

The possibilities of relocation or moving to the new position will not be ruled out because of the new planning during the use of the carport.

Our carports can totally satisfy your needs. It can be detached and installed many times without damage.

It can even be restored to the original effect and state after the material is cleaned simply during the process of detaching and installing the carport.

Extremely long lifespan

When choosing the material of the carport, we fully consider the details of the lifespan and later maintenance.

All the material we choose and the manufacturing process can show the feature of an extremely long lifespan. It can even avoid the tedious and tiring maintenance during the use in later time and an unnecessary secondary expenditure.

It can depose of natural pollution sources by itself.

Generally speaking, outdoor equipment will be polluted by natural pollution sources, such as bird dropping, dust, plant organic matter and so on.

The poly-carbonate material from German Bayer that we use can achieve the effect of self-clean after it is washed by rain.

The photocatalyst substance can produce catalytic reaction, oxidizing and decomposing a variety of organic compounds and part of inorganic matter under the irradiation of light, so it has the strong functions of sterilization, deodorization, anti-mildew, anti-fouling and self-clean.

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