The advantage of our aluminum Carport

With the prosperity of car industry, corresponding supporting products are becoming more and more popular.
Compared to carports made of plastic and other materials, the surface of aluminum alloy carports uses electrostatic powder spray coating process, which is resistant to rain, snow and corrosion.
The material of the carport top uses the imported poly-carbonate board, which can well absorb ultraviolet rays in the sun and has a good protective effect on cars.
The following is most important reasons for choosing our aluminum alloy carports.


All the skeleton structures of the carport use the aluminum alloy of high quality and high strength and go through finish machining. It has the permanent anti-aging ability and never rusts.
The surface with special process treatment greatly improves the lifespan of the carport and reduces the decomposition from ultraviolet rays, making it new forever and achieving excellent resistance to weather.
The sealing strip uses anti-aging EPDM of good quality. Each connection point and seal etc. use the anti-aging ABS engineering plastic. All the fix screws are 304 stainless steel screws covered by exclusive rubber sleeves. They are very beautiful and durable. The effective lifespan of the carport can reach more than 30 years.

Not afraid hurricane and Blizzard, Heat insulation and dust prevention.

The carport top uses the German imported raw material. Anti-ultraviolet layer is added by two-sided co-extrusion process, which can block more than 90% of ultraviolet rays effectively.
It can cut off heat energy and control the increasing temperature in cars in hot days effectively. It can also block industrial dust in the air,fallen leaves and bird droppings.
The carport is a combination of full aluminum alloy profile structure and poly-carbonate boards. The main post is made of heated galvanized steel pipes. It can bear the accumulated snow of 48 cm thickness and withstand the strong wind at the speed of 40 m/s, significantly improving the ability to withstand the wind and snow.


The PC board that the carport uses contains photocatalyst.  The photocatalyst itself has the ability to make use of natural light and rain to clean dust automatically.
It can make the top of the carport bright and clean, and protect against rust and scale, ease the rust of cars’ metal parts caused by acid rain and the scale caused by the long-term plum rain season.
If the top of the carport is covered with dust, just the rain will make it become brand new immediately.

Elegant appearance

Compared to the traditional carport, the well-designed aluminum alloy carport has the modern design concept.
It has a reasonable structure, unique shape, fashionable and elegant appearance. The whole appearance is smooth and aesthetic.
The aluminum alloy skeleton and poly-carbonate board carport top are available in different colors, which will make the car integrate with the carport naturally and properly. The carport will offer your car a pleasant place.

No noise

The aluminum alloy carport uses professional noise-reducing design, which has a good effect of sound and noise insulation.
The sound of rain and snow will not be easily heard even at a close distance especially in rainy and snowy days.
It will be a good choice for parking lots and corresponding lounges to use aluminum alloy carports, which can effectively reduce the influence of noise on people around you.
With the continuous research and development of aluminum alloy profiles and ongoing changes of the consumer market demand, you can imagine that carports with more good performance will be researched and developed in the future to meet the demands for parking lots and lounges.