About Carportbuy

Our company is located in Shanghai, China. We are professional aluminum alloy carport manufacturer.
Our clients can be found all over China since 2010. We have built a large amount of perfect carports for the government, schools, individual families and even police offices.We think that carports are the products that family members will use every day. They are not only used to park cars, but also one part of life like houses. They must be elegant, durable and easy to maintain.
So the carport is treated as a product first time in the industry. We fully consider functions like sunshade, rain protection, rust protection, thermal insulation, durability, etc. The key point is its elegance!
Our engineers have found the materials suiting carports most-aluminum alloy with high strength and PC board. The structure of our aluminum alloy is developed by ourselves and our drainage system even has patent protection.
Luckily, we have found the most suitable aluminum alloy and the most superb PC board in China. Our carport is not only cheap, and its application effect far exceeds the traditional carport because China has the most excellent raw material suppliers .
We have compared the current situation of carport industry in different countries. We finally decided to export our excellent carports to the whole world in 2016. Carportbuy is our online sales website targeting overseas customers.
We hope that more consumers will like our products.

History and passion

From humble beginnings, producing canvas carport shelters, we later shifted from this carport line in 201o, to producing steel carports. Seeing the popularity of our products, we did not stop there. We finally transitioned to producing aluminium carports when we discovered this to be the best material for carports in terms of its flexibility: strong, light, easy to clean and simply produces beautiful results!
Now we have two main metal carport designs which we sell around the world.
We are very passionate about building great products and know our customers and re-sellers appreciate them too. We like to be challenged with your ideas for metal carports and equipment and vehicle shelters. Tell us about your special requirements to keep our designers challenged and producing cutting edge designs!

Our factory located in Shanghai, China. always welcome to visit us.